Pre Purchase Building and Pest Reports

    The inspector will access the roof void, the sub-floor as well as the entire building externally and internally to report on such defects as:

  • Any Safety Hazards requiring urgent attention.
  • Major Defects that require repair or replacement beyond normal property maintenance.
  • Minor defects that are generally superficial and typically fit into normal maintenance routines.
  • Any sightings of pests or pest damage eg. Termites and Borers.
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Owner Builder Warranty Inspections.

Reports required by Home Warranty Insurance Providers.
When owner builders sell their houses before 6 years of occupation.

Pre Listing Reports:

Give the purchaser piece of mind when they are interested in buying your home.

  • Identify any major problems with your house before you put it on the market.
  • Identify any hazards requiring urgent attention.
  • Identify any major defects that require attention now.

Renovation Reports:

  • Identify which walls you can remove.
  • Renovation ideas.
  • Renovation estimates.
  • Advice on how to go about doing your building project.
  • And step by step guidance through the building process.

Final Handover and Defect Reports:
If you are building a new home or doing a renovation get a inspection by an independent building inspector. Some building defects are not seen by Building certifiers.

  • Walls might be out of level.
  • The falls in the bathroom floors might be inadequate.
  • Bad workmanship.

Strata Inspection Reports:
A comprehensive Strata Inspection Report.