Why Us

Our Value

Our pre-purchase building and pest reports are so thorough and detailed that you will be able to use our report to negotiate a great purchase price and potentially save you thousands. A report that gives you much more than just the basic information you must know about the condition of the property.

A customer’s recent quote on a purchase in Berry. “Thank you very much. Your building and pest report really helped us negotiate a great price for our house. A very good investment for us.”

  • You receive a courtesy call from our building consultant on the afternoon of the building and pest inspection to discuss any major findings.
  • Our consultant is available to chat further about any concerns you may have after you receive your pre purchase building and pest reports.
  • Your pre purchase building and pest reports are available the very next business day and provided electronically in PDF.
  • We place photos in our reports to assist you with your understanding of the fault and location.
  • We can also provide information on how to rectify problems if required.
  • We will (when safe) gain access to the roof, roof space and subfloor, most other companies won’t even attempt these areas and these are keys potential areas of problems.

Don’t buy a lemon

It’s a sour deal when you invest hundreds of thousands of dollars in property that ends up being a lemon.

It’s buyer beware in real estate, but how do you protect your interest when you’re not an expert on building structure, compliance issues, timber pests (including termites)?

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