Pre Listing Report

When conducted by a reputable, licensed and fully insured professional, a Pre-Sale-Building-and-Pest-Inspection makes the sale process more transparent and gives all parties confidence.

A Pre-Sale Building and Pest Inspection documents the condition of your property and identifies problems that may need to be rectified or addressed prior to listing. Providing a Pre-Sale-Pest-and-building-Inspection-Report gives your buyer a greater sense of confidence and certainty. Your transparency better protects your listing price and gives you a greater chance of more reliable offers which translate to a better selling price.

And it protects you long after your contract has settled from the buyer making any claims against you for misrepresenting your property to them and concealing defects.

What happens if the Pre-Sale-building-property-inspections finds problems? Once you’re aware of defects that may adversely affect your property’s market value, you can choose to undertake the necessary repairs or renovations prior to listing or simply reflect these in your price. You get to choose so you sell your home faster for the price you want. And stay in control of your sale.

Give the purchaser piece of mind when they buy your home. Get a pre-listing-Building-Report.

  • Identify any major problems with your house before you put it on the market.
  • Identify any hazards requiring urgent attention.
  • Identify any major defects that require attention now.

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