Owner Builder Warranty

Before Owner Builder Home Warranty Insurance can be organised, a post construction owner builder defects inspection and report (which we can help you organise), is required by the insurer of the completed work, to identify any building defects. A Defects Report is issued after an owner builder defects inspection has been carried out by a consultant who is acceptable to the insurer, and who has current Professional Indemnity Insurance. You can sell with those defects identified, or have then fixed and organise a follow up inspection, so that a ‘defects free’ report can be issued.

A Defects Report is a mandatory thorough inspection and report of the owner builder works. This inspection and reporting is carried out by an approved inspector acceptable to insurance companies, when owner builders are selling their property in NSW. The defects inspection is carried out within a stipulated period after the date of the issuing the Occupancy or Completion Certificate by the local Council under whose jurisdiction the owner building works were carried out.

By obtaining this Owner Builder Home Warranty Defects Report, you will be able to secure the mandatory Owner Builder Home Warranty Insurance that is required before you sell. Fines apply if the insurance is not in possession when selling. The insurance needs to form part of your selling contract. The report will note any defects; however you are in a position to have these defects remedied, and a follow-up inspection carried out to present your property defects free. This insurance does not free you of the responsibility for any subsequent defects which may arise during the remainder of the defects period.

Reports required by Home Warranty Insurance Providers when owner builders sell their houses before 6 years of occupation.

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