Strata Inspection

A Strata report details the financial state of the body corporate, management matters, past known building problems etc. A strata inspection will also report on any major works that may have been planned or if any special levies have been placed on the owners.

A number of important questions are answered such as:

  • Is a special levy payable?
  • Are there major works being planned or currently undertaken?
  • How much are the budgeted levies and when are they due?
  • What are the current funds available in the body corporate accounts?
  • Are there any known defects
  • Is there a current insurance policy and to what value?
  • Is there workers compensation insurance?

It is recommended that a building inspection and pest inspection be carried out with a Strata inspection as defects may exist to the building that are not known by the body corporate or the strata manager. The strata inspector will not physically go to the building he is reporting on.

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