Renovation Reports

Are you building a new home and require a new home inspection. We specialise in New Home Inspections and building inspection reports. We are independent and do not represent the interests of any new home builders, councils, architects or real estate agents.A new home inspection is the cheapest way of keeping the builder honest and delivering to you a structurally sound home with no defects.

We support you throughout the building process by offering you 4 different New Home Progress Inspections or final inspection of the property:

  • Footings.
  • Wall/Roof Frame.
  • Waterproofing.
  • Final Handover.

At each step, we assess that work has been completed in a tradesman like fashion to a recognised standard, according to the Building Code of Australia. You receive easy to understand reports listing any defects present including digital photos of defects.

Unlike most other inspectors we have completed apprenticeships in carpentry, completed our building certificate and are licensed builders. We inspect your new home like it was ours.

Building disputes are often due to misunderstandings and faulty workmanship. What you think you’ll be getting for your money may be different from what your builder plans to deliver for the agreed price. That’s why it’s essential that you have a good working relationship with your builder. Resolving these mismatches during the building process will avoid a lot of grief later.

By involving an independent building inspection company, problems can be detected early by conducting final inspection before settlement and corrected to avoid disputes and unnecessary stress.

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